Used Mack Trucks

Mack Trucks

Trucks come in a variety of types and sizes depending on the specific needs of the ones using them. Over the years, a lot of truck manufacturers popped up to supply the growing and consistent need of businesses for vehicles to transport heavy loads towards different destinations. Mack is one of the earliest truck manufacturers and their trucks were known then for being dependable and tough. That reputation still holds true to this day.

There are different kinds of Mack trucks but the most popular ones are day cabs and sleepers. Choosing a type comes down to how you’re planning to use the truck.

Day Cab Trucks

Day cabs are trucks that don’t have a sleeping compartment at the back of the cabin. These are mostly used in heavy business districts to transport retail cargo efficiently to where it needs to go. There is no place for sleeping so this is ideal for trips that don’t require long rest.

One example of a Day Cab truck is the Mack Pinnacle DayCab. It combines productivity, reliability, low cost of ownership and fuel economy into an unrivalled machine. The CXU613 DayCab model, for example, is a road-eating vehicle that is highly dependable.

used mack pinnacle daycab truck

Sleeper Trucks

Sleepers are trucks that have a sleeping compartment at the back of the cabin. This is where the driver rests and sleeps during long-distance travels. Sleepers were not initially built with comfort in mind but over the years, more and more manufacturers are ensuring that they build highly effective and comfortable sleeper trucks.

One example of a sleeper truck is the Mack Pinnacle Sleeper which was designed with the comfort drivers want and the components the road demands. One such truck in our inventory is the CXU613 Sleeper model.

Used Mack Pinnacle Sleeper Truck

Why buy used Mack trucks?

Mack has built a strong reputation over the years for manufacturing reliable and high-performing vehicles. Whether you are on a specific budget or you want the flexibility that buying used trucks can offer, choosing a used Mack truck is the way to go. We at Excel Truck Group are dedicated to giving you the best options for your trucking needs. You can browse through our inventory here.