The Fuel Efficiency of Freightliner Cascadia Trucks

If you’re a truck driver or own a trucking company, your goal is to transport loads in the safest, quickest most cost-effective way possible. The new Cascadia Evolution made by Freightliner has improved upon its predecessor in many ways, especially in the area of fuel efficiency. Look at some facts about the fuel efficiency of the newest Cascadia truck and the research that goes into creating such an innovative vehicle.

The Stats

The engineers at Freightliner strive to improve the gas mileage and overall performance of this truck with the introduction of every new model. This year’s model of the Cascadia Evolution achieved 10 MPG traveling on a test track with 76,000 lbs. of cargo. A second test that took the truck across the country with a full load of cargo achieved an impressive 9.31 MPG. The new Cascadia boasts fuel efficiency that’s seven percent better than the original model.

Road Testing

The engineers test the fuel economy of these trucks about every two years. It is a well-planned on-highway test that takes many factors into account.

The Route

The engineers study driver feedback to determine the most representative route for the Cascadia’s road test. They make it a point to choose a route with large hills, progressively rising hills, curves and flat areas to expose the truck to all sorts of roadways.

The Weather

Another aspect of the road test involves the weather. The truck drives through gentle and strong winds to see how these elements effect its fuel economy.

A Scientific Approach

Along with those factors, the road test involves two trucks traveling the same route so the gas efficiency numbers of each can be compared. The engineers make sure the trucks are traveling a certain distance apart so as one does not affect the aerodynamic performance of the other.

Interpreting the Data

There’s a team of engineers accompanying the two trucks on their on-highway road test. The engineers are receiving important data from both trucks as they make their way through the test. In short, the engineers at Freightliner take every possible step to ensure the validity and accuracy of the test.

Finally, the excellent fuel economy of the new Cascadia Evolution helps truck owners and drivers accomplish their objective of getting their loads delivered on time while using each tank of fuel in the most efficient way. No wonder this truck is the most popular with drivers in the USA!