Chances are, you’ve seen one or two or a few dozen Western Star trucks pass you on the highway regardless of where you live in the country. This company has been making sturdy trucks for over fifty years. These trucks are a long-time, familiar sight on roads and highways of all kinds. Learn the interesting history behind the company that makes these durable, popular trucks.

Western Star Trucks: The Beginning

The company was founded in 1967 with its headquarters located in Cleveland, Ohio. Since its beginnings, this company has dedicated itself to the goal of building well-made trucks that can be safely and easily handled by drivers. In the company’s early years, Western Trucks were manufactured in Canada, specifically Kelowna, BC. In response to the growing need for well-built heavy-duty trucks made for logging and similar work, the plant in Kelowna expanded to 250,000 square feet to accommodate manufacturing work. In addition, 50,000 square feet of space was used as warehousing.

A Growing, Innovative Company

Through the 1970s and 80’s, the company continued to expand and solidify its reputation for making sturdy, quality trucks. Innovations such as the wrap-around dashboard and better visibility for drivers contributed to the company’s standing with highway drivers and owners of trucking companies throughout the country.

Moving Ahead in the 1990s to the 2000s

The work of the company’s creative engineers resulted in many innovations such as the introduction of the Star Light Sleeper. By the end of the 1990s, the company had secured its position as a leading manufacturer of over-the-road trucks.

In 2000, Western Trucks was sold to Daimler Trucks North America and operations were moved to Portland, Oregon. Daimler’s ultra-modern manufacturing facility in Portland gave way to even more innovations by the company engineers such as the LowMax package. The LowMax features a cab and sleeper with a lower height allowing easier access for the driver. It includes more legroom making it more comfortable for the driver as well. The lower center of gravity of this truck provides greater stability when driving the highways.

Technology Combined with a History of Quality Trucks

Nowadays, some truck manufacturers are focused solely on the next piece of fancy technology. Western Star maintains its focus on improving a driver’s experience while maintaining updated technology that increases the efficiency and safety of its trucks.

Lastly, the engineers and other team members at Western Star are dedicated to making better, more efficient heavy-duty trucks to help keep business flowing along smoothly over America’s highways.